A better you. A better community.


Before every act of change, comes a moment of realization.  

The realization of a personal strength that leads to a new career stage or an insight into another’s path precipitates an act of investment and the awareness of a need requiring vision and strategy. But whatever it is, that moment is the catalyst which, when paired with the motivation to act, creates real, positive change. 

Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka’s (LSBM) mission is to help create those moments of self-discovery in individuals, so they may become agents of change – in their homes, places of work, and communities.  
We provide a diverse set of skills training, community experiences, and networking opportunities, 
helping participants learn more about themselves and their surroundings, so they can act collaboratively with knowledge and confidence.  

Learning is never a one-size-fits-all activity. Everyone is different, and people learn in different ways. That’s why LSBM offers an ever-evolving lineup of programs that cater to those in varying stages of leadership acumen and career advancement. Each curriculum is flexible to account for individual goals, while providing a fully cooperative environment that fosters lasting connections with classmates. 

Becoming aware of one’s true potential is never a wasted journey. It can lead to simple acts of change  
or advancement of personal and professional goals, but it is always worth exploring. As the oldest leadership program in the state of Indiana, Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka has helped more than 2,000 youth and adults deepen their sense of agency and discern how they can impact the community in which they work and live.  

Invest in the path to your best self. Invest in Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka.  



A better you. A better community.

Checks may also be mailed to "Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka" at
4440 Edison Lakes Parkway, Suite 300, Mishawaka, IN 46545.

Please write "25 for 25" in the memo section.



*Michiana Leadership Center DBA Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka is a 501(c)3 organization.