Name: Carla Crittendon

Leadership Class: 34

Employer & Title/Position: Teachers Credit Union, Director of Compensation, Benefits & Wellness


How would you define leadership/What does it mean to be a leader?
For me, a leader is someone who definitely demonstrates good ethics and moral character, as well as being honest and works or leads with integrity. A leader is also someone who inspires others and who is passionate about doing good work for others. Good leaders set paths/directions that others want to follow and spark an attitude or behavior that ignites others to want to work with them and join to continue the cause or work.

How did your time with Leadership South Bend|Mishawaka help in your career growth?
Leadership South Bend|Mishawaka increased my networking. I was also able to learn important skills that helped with my growth in the HR industry. Leadership SB|Mish allowed me to step outside my box and comfort zone and become more vocal and visible in the community and my professional life. 

What is your favorite Leadership memory?
There are several to have a favorite. However, I think Pokagon Park was a favorite memory. I say this because, it was like the "fear of the unknown", yet the opening to many possibilities with leadership, meeting new people, and doing exciting things for the community.

Did your Leadership experience motivate you to give back to the South Bend/Mishawaka community?
I have always believed in giving back. My leadership experience, just continued my belief of the importance of giving and serving others. Servant Leadership is what this program instilled in its participants, which kept my motivation for giving going.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:
A fun fact about me, I own over 250 pairs of shoes.

Thank you, Carla!