Leadership South Bend|Mishawaka allows individuals to learn about themselves, the community, and how to move to action to create positive change. This is Anne's story.

As a servant leader, I never felt that my individual voice should be heard over the voice of the collective.  I’ve always been content working behind the scenes; coaching and mentoring were my comfort zones.    So – when does a leader make the decision to step to the forefront and lead the change?  Is it a certain age? It is an experience level or maybe a status of life?  What moves us to step out of our comfort zones and take action?  For me, it was when I could no longer be a spectator - when every ounce of my being screamed for someone to speak up – but then realized no one felt empowered or emboldened to act.  Action for me was visceral.  It was sudden and compelling, but necessary for the community I choose as my “home.”

Recently, with all the publicity the South Bend Community School Corporation has garnered, I made the decision to take a public stance.  As an active volunteer board member with the South Bend Education Foundation, I believe this community has never openly embraced any new superintendent.  As a whole, we then wait around for our superintendent to fix the ills of our community – rarely becoming involved, rarely affecting any change, and always criticizing why we knew this one person was not going to able to repair our schools.  The reality of the situation is – one person does not have the capability of making any impactful change unless this community is working in unison towards the same goal.  I believe now is the time for community and business leaders to join in partnership with our local schools and help to lead the change in support of public education.

-Anne Feferman


Anne is a member of the Leadership Board of Directors and graduate of Signature Class 34.