Leadership Alumni

Leadership alumni represent the program's heart and soul. Program graduates are charged with the responsibility to become community stewards and apply the knowledge gained to their workplace environment and throughout the community. In turn, Leadership graduates earn the respect of area businesses and organizations, which recognize the program's importance and the benefits attained. This respect translates into a lifetime of friendships and future networking opportunities.


Distiguished Alumnus Award Recipients

Recognized for their continued efforts and dedication to the surrounding community the following Leadership alumni have received the Distinguished Alumni Award: 

Jody Freid (Right) - 2016 Recipient

1996: Dr. Virginia Calvin, Class 1
1997: Patricia & Donald Cressy, Honorary Classes 23 & 1
1998: Gladys Muhammad, Class 7
1999: 25th Anniversary Celebration Honoring All Alumni
2000: Patrick M. McMahon, Class 4
2001: Sharon Scuzzo, Class 8
2002: Lou Nanni, Class 19
2003: Karl G. King III, Class 1
2004: Ed Henry, Class 16
2005: Luther Taylor, Class 29
2006: Claude D. Renshaw, Class 4
2007: Rex J. Rakow, Class 17
2008: Tim Sexton, Class 24
2009: Duke Jones III, Class 3
2010: Kirby Falkenberg, Class 20
2011: Carmi Murphy, Class 7
2012: John Foegley, Class 33
2013: Ann Manion, Class 7
2014: Carolyn Gray Hahn, Class 21
2015: Tim Leman, Class 34
2016: Jody Freid, Class 6
2017: Becky Zaseck, Class 34
2018: William Cushwa, Class 31
2019: Steve Camilleri, Class 32
2020: Rose Meissner, Class 20



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How has the Leadership experience affected your outlook?  Want to share the Servant Leader Spirit with others.  Leave a Leadership Legacy challenges current class participants to "pay it forward."

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