Youth Program Testimonials

Not only will participation in the program bring out the best in you, it will equip you with the tools to help bring out the best in others and become an incredibly effective and efficient young adult.

Check out what some Youth Leadership Alumni have to say regarding their experience in the program: 


“Youth Leadership gave me the opportunity to grow as a student leader, and person. I got out of my comfort zone and participated in something that will help me in my future. I could not be more thankful for this program and everything it has taught me.”

~ Jada Edison, Class 26


“My biggest take away from this program was knowing that I could help out my community. I found out how people work together to better a community.”

~ Jesus Martinez Ortega, Class 26


"Youth Leadership has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, expand my boundaries and develop myself as a servant leader in my community. I have become the type of leader I would want to follow."

-Joseph Deahl, Class 25


"Youth Leadership taught me what it meant to truly lead. It gave me the tools to build a whole new personality that I didn't know could exist within me and it unified the leadership skills that I already possessed."

- Arianna Hardy, Class 25


"The time spent at Youth Leadership was spectacular. For me, the circles I made around myself widened to include not just those close to me but my entire community and the world. I learned that being a leader is something I can be not only in a classroom or in an organized team, but also in my everyday actions. From saying hello to a stranger in the hallway or sharing a simple smile to those around me, being a leader is about being a true servant" 

-Victor Gomez, Class 24


"I've learned that you're never too young to play an important role in our community."

Louisa Woodward, Class 22


"Youth Leadership has given me a lot of opportunities. I have been able to see many people that I used to know while also forming new friendships. I have also been more places in South Bend/Mishawaka than ever before! I have learned the essential elements to being a leader. I really value this program and what I have learned." 

Olivia Griggs, Class 21